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The Crew



  • Since our agency was founded in 2004, we have been consistently refining our vision and feeding a broad palette of options into each of our projects. We identify the DNA of companies and local authorities to develop their intangible capital.
  • The Crew Communication is driven by its vision of “Adding perspective” built on solid foundations:
    • a pioneer agency in its field;
    • unique references among both corporate, cultural and institutional clients;
    • a team that is multicultural in terms of both origins and careers;
    • an extensive network of partners;
    • a fully integrated approach to communication (offline/online);
    • constantly striving to find the right balance between the creativity needed in advertising, the rigour required by the corporate world and the sought passion for the cultural world.
  • Offices in Brussels, Paris and Lille.



The Crew reveals DNA taken to improve future perspective.

thumb1We establish corporate and cultural communication plans mainly but also B to C. We have three areas of expertise:

1. Corporate communication

Annual reports, HR reports, Sustainability reports, internal reports, financial communication,  HR communication.

2. Cultural communication

Strategic communication, advertising and media, brand identity, annual program, activation, graphic design.

3. Communication B to C

Brand Identity, product communication.


For these two poles, we operate in the following areas of communication:

1. Edition

Editorial content and editorial, graphic design, technical monitoring and printing, creating displays and CLV.

2. Digital

Creating communication sites, editorial content and editorial, adaptation of communications for the mobile internet and social networks, management of social networking and online reputation.

3. Loyalty/ CRM

Optimization of customer databases, creation & management of loyalty programs, creation & management partners Clubs.


The Crew is a team on a human scale , responsive , available and providing a single point of contact for each client.