Promote SPHERE’s commitment to the society of tomorrow through a strong new positing

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While plastics is at the heart of the news, the international group SPHERE – a pioneer in the household packaging sector in environmentally friendly materials for over forty years – has asked The Crew Communication to re-brand its image with the general public and all its stakeholders. As an avant-garde and visionary company in this market, SPHERE didn’t reflect this aspect in its communication on its old website. This is why a repositioning of its image was definitely a necessity.


With the new positioning “Leader in innovation for packaging responsible”, Sphere can now demonstrate that Sphere is anticipating the change in society, illustrating the range of their packaging solutions, and positioning itself as an eco-responsible player. In order to develop this new positioning for the company, it was necessary to highlight its DNA on a new website, and create content that reflects this new positioning: image, videos, editorial content,…



With the launch of SPHERE’s new website, we supported the company in the modernization of its brand image. We have been particularly careful to propose an accessible user-centric design, with clear thematic distinctions and engaging content that reflects innovation. SPHERE is now demonstrating that not all plastics are equal and is establishing itself as the leader in innovation for responsible packaging.

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