Sofina: Purpose & Patience

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Sofina is an investment company guided by the long-term vision of its partnerships. They came to us with one objective: to develop brand awareness among global companies. They needed a new way of communication to become more effective and to position themselves as the go-to company for long-term support.



The baseline of Sofina, purpose and patience, needed a better explanation. Therefore, we worked on a campaign in the same spirit. After careful analysis of the market and discussions with the board, we defined an appropriate communication strategy. We developed Sofina’s first communication tool: an annual report that conveys their traditional yet modern image, but we also revamped the company’s calling card. We then created their website, a complete brand book and tactical presentations to be used by management and investment managers for presentations.



Considering all aspects of their communication tools that have been developed by our marketing strategists, we can proudly say that our collaboration with Sofina has made us more than just trusted partners. The ongoing need for communicating and finding solutions is paving the way to the future.

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