Skeyes : securing new horizons

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The main mission of skeyes, an autonomous public company, is to guarantee the safety of air traffic in the civil airspace, passengers and the population on the ground. Since 2017 skeyes aimed to present their annual report in a modern print version as well as a digital version using the best digital techniques, including interactive technology and animation.


We started with analysing the printed annual reports of previous years and identified ways of making the new online annual report fun to read and interactive. Our studio team used images from the extensive skeyes’ image library. Our motion designer created a video which we used for the main intro on the homepage and created animations throughout the entire annual report website. Our studio team used and redesigned several important snippets of information for web use. We were able to create a dynamic and interesting annual .



The result was a continuous and homogeneous design throughout the years, the client and the readers liked it a lot. All the animations and videos were well-made and nice to look at. The annual report was a success for the client as this was their first modern and functional online annual report. We enjoyed working with skeyes on this particular job and we are happy to continue our partnership to create a modern future of air traffic.

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