RTBF’s new platform dedicated to press professionals

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Video produced by Noémie Jadoulle ( © RTBF)


For its new site for the press, RTBF wanted to offer professionals a new, more user-friendly and practical environment.

The Crew had to come up with a solution to the following challenges:

Provide B to B with the information it needs in a simple and efficient way for downloads.
Access to all our information in a few clicks.
Create a dynamic and sexy B to B showcase, important for RTBF’s image.
Reflecting consistency with our public service image.



A more intuitive site

By having a powerful search engine, which links to different content related to all the programs  (the show’s fact sheet, press releases and features, a view of the programming, photos/videos/audios related to the show, biographies of the show’s presenters,…).

By taking advantage of many new features:

  •  direct access to the latest press releases
  • direct access to the latest news
  • direct access to RTBF’s feed instagram
  • filtering and customization of content by media


The professionals find all the information they need to work thanks to the many new features of the new RTBF website.

Watch the video to discover the website developed by The Crew!

Video produced by Noémie Jadoulle ( © RTBF)

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