The Crew Communication is very proud of winning the BtoB Award 2018 in the category “Best Use of Direct” with Total Belgium!

We created a strategy to convince the fleet managers to switch over to the new fleet fuel network. In the beginning, we started with two objectives. Our first objective was to shake up the main competitor NFC and the leasing companies with a video that would destabilize the image of the centered fleet fuel system. The second objective was to convince the managers to contact their leasing company directly to request more information about the new Total’s Fleet Fuel Card.

We created an emailing strategy (marketing automation) including a video teaser and a conversion landing page. In the two steps we approach, we got 34% opening average rate for the mailings, 20% of Click Through Rate and 95% of leasing companies contacted Total to get more information.

The marketing strategy we used and all the effort we put into this project have paid off by winning this BtoB Award 2018.

You can check our project for Total here and the website we made for them here as well.

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