Kartesia is an independent and privately owned specialist provider of financing solutions focused on middle-market companies across industries in Europe. For their first anniversary they wanted to start communicating with their stakeholders on a regular basis. To achieve this, we added a newsroom to their website and created a newsletter to keep their stakeholders up to date about what is happening at Kartesia. Categories help filter the content and structure the information in the newsroom. In ‘Adding value’ the visitor can discover how Kartesia supports its clients in every stage of their companies life. Stakeholders can consult the latest news and key metrics about Kartesia in the category ‘Firm’. Lastly ‘People’ gives insight in the constantly growing and evolving team that works at Kartesia. We also gave the team section on the website a facelift to present the team of Kartesia, in a more dynamic way making it easier for visitors to find contact information. We also created a new bi-annual ‘Insight Kartesia’ newsletter to be distributed both, digitally and printed. To expand the database of Kartesia we also added a user friendly web form, allowing people to subscribe to the newsletter.

Check out the newsroom: www.kartesia.com/newsroom

Services by us: Development, architecture & structuration of Newsroom. Development, design and distribution of Newsletters. Maintenance.

Visit their website: www.kartesia.com