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Why go online with iCorCom™?

REACH: 2/3 of institutional investors and analysts require some form of online presence. The question therefore is not "why?", the question is "how?".

ENGAGE: Enriching the reader's experience is what it is all about. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of a video. Having your CEO comment the year's results in person, is very powerful.

SAVE MONEY: Cut the printing costs. Lower your environmental impact, year over year. iCorCom™ is scalable, re-usable, editable, updatable. Durable.

MEASURE: Ever thought of the number of unread - yet printed - annual report pages? Focus your messages by finding out who's reading what.

Making your life a lot easier, iCorCom™ is:

SIMPLE: iCorCom™ requires no particular training, or specific knowledge. We bring you the benefit of a perfect blend of cost-saving technology and value- adding experience.

CUSTOMISABLE: Our platform approach means the scope of possibilities is endless: from our free flipping book to the fully customisable, made-to-measure dedicated website.

MANAGEABLE: Our web interface means you can edit, change, manage content. You are in control wherever you are, whenever you want.


Seeing is believing. Test us and enjoy our free flipping book promotion to publish your existing pdf today!


Why take your report online with The Crew

WE KNOW ANNUAL REPORTING: Our experience makes your life a lot easier. We know where to start. We know the pitfalls.

YOU KNOW US: We aren't an unreachable corporation. You won't have to spend hours waiting on the phone just to get in touch. Contact us and let's talk.

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